Thursday, 31 December 2009

Telling Tales AND True Colours Thursday - PINE GREEN!

Apologies bears, pups and 'Aunts' for going AWL after the excitement of the Christmas Cracker Pull.
But, my Head of Hug responsibilities took precedence.
You see, Mother has had a major misadventure.
She quite literally, went missing on us on Boxing Day!!!
After she had not come home for long three nights and three even longer days, after only going to Town for I imagine more Bear Treats, I feared the worst - ABANDONMENT.
Then, this strange, swollen, black & blue bruised faced person arrived.
The Hug and I looked aghast.
The younger Hug members even hid in fright @ this strange apparition.
I, though took charge of the situation.
After bravely interrogating her, I decided it was Mother after all.
And no matter what her appearance, that we were relieved to have her back with us, even if she did smell a touch of hospital disinfectant!
Later that day someone called a Locksmith, did strange things to our front door, before presenting Mother with a bunch of shiny new brass keys.
She said we were all now safe!
Am taking her word for it.
I am also, indebted to 'Aunt' BJ, who worried, had 'Aunt' Dina call and check in on of us.
Mother is sleeping a lot, and every morning she has interesting new facial colours, personally I do not think the look will catch on.
Infact for a while, I would recommend she to wear her Blue Venetian Mask to face the outside world.
Apart from that everything is good now.

SO, onto the days business.
There was only one choice for PINE GREEN - Grizzy Bear Lee.
His 'Gotcha' place @ Three Valley Gap, BC - is surrounded by Mountain PINE's, his Canadian Sweetshirt is GREEN, and he likes to fell small GREEN PINES!
Here we are together...
The day is so dark, we had to sneak upstairs and into Mother's bed by the window where the light was better for our photo shot, only please do not tell her.
Now you may recall that Christmas bag I had for Mother?
Here's part of it's contents - a rather special Fridge Magnet...
Does he not bare a striking resemblance to some bear???
Plus his hat and scarf contains, yes, PINE GREEN!

Almost nearly forgot, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
May it hold every bear thing you desire that 2009 did not.
Extra warm hugs,


Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope your mother feels better soon, Woodstock! What a horrible fright this must have been for you!
Happy new year! We hope 2010 will be a most wonderful year for you and your mother!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Mack and Sally Ann said...

What happened to your Mommy? Home invasion?
Sally Ann

BJ Roan said...

Very nice pine green colours, Woodstock! Take good care of your Mother. Happy New Year nephew.
Aunt BJ