Thursday, 25 February 2010

True Colours Thursday - ORANGE & LEMON!

I thought I was seriously in trouble this week, as when struggling with a colour, Merry has always come to my rescue.
But after Saturdays photograph of her and Master Stormy cuddling, I was in her bad books big time.
Yet, what did she do?
Quietly donned her ORANGE & LEMON floral scarf and rallied Polly Pola & Peaches to the cause too with their appropiate scarfs...
Then, she found one of Mother's Kensitas Flower cards showing an Antirrhinum embroidered in ORANGE & LEMON silks...
And Polly Pola not to be out done, proudly showed off her toy Elephant...Thank-you girls, your help was much appreciated.
Next weeks colour is NAVY - I wonder if I will be pushing my luck with dear Merry if I mention Stormy again!!!
Ear wagging hugs,


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy Ponders!

Hi, it's me Judy!
I'm a sad, very sad 'wheelie', as my crafty creator 'Aunt' Lana, over @ Airedale Heaven, who only recently lost her husband, has now lost her sweet Aire pup Poppy - how cruel is that?
I've also no new photo's today as Mummy's poorly - she imbibed far too much red wine last night in an attempt to lift her flagging spirits - a bad & sad move, as now she is even more depressed!
And Woodstock's down too, having made his first ever post that's not received a single comment, and what's worse, his best friend Merry is upset with him because he made that post in the first place.
Think I'll just go take a nap & hope tomorrow looks 'wheelie' brighter.
Foxy love & wheelie wishes,

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday Photo Hunt - Cuddly!

Today's photographic prompt gives me an opportunity to quickly update you on Merry's pursuit of Master Stormy.
Her persistence is obviously paying off, as they were seen to be getting seriously cuddly on St Valentine's Day...I quickly adverted my eyes after this touching moment, as wanted to spare their bear blushes!!!!
Ear wagging hugs,

Thursday, 18 February 2010

True Colours Thursday - SHOCKING PINK!

Short of SHOCKING PINK Mother and I have agreed to share Miss Cassandra - today she is a Vintage fashion Goddess seen here, modeling Grandmother's 1930's chiffon SHOCKING PINK pieces...Ear wagging hugs,

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey & Judy makes Pancakes!

Hi everyone, Bailey here, AND me, Judy!
As you can see, I've, we've taken to cooking.
Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras & Carnival - whatever, it was the day before Ash Wednesday & the start of Lent - that's today!
For those that observe religious thingy bobs, not Mistress for sure; that means 40 days of fasting or trying to give up something one wants big time, like chocolate or alcohol.
Now, there's was no chance, that, you know who, will go Tea-Total.
Or Miss Foxy will give up her superiority towards me.
Ouch, SHE wheelie wheeled me!
Judy here: He deserved it!
But we did all get together as a family, and follow the custom of a celebratory feast.

I collected the best eggs from Miss Henny Penny's cage, HE wanted to use the cheapo ones...In the end we used up both & all the milk in the house.
Opps! None was left for Mummys breakfast
I tackled the Lemons & Oranges...Bailey: And I did the serious work like beating the eggs...And heating up the brand new, non-stick pan...Mistress, then insisted, heavens knows why, on taking over from me.
Shucks, I was having such fun!
And, as she, seemed sadly, unable to do two tasks @ once; ie cook & take photo's; I can't show you the finished pancakes.
We, however, enjoyed them with freshly squeezed Lemon & Orange juice & sprinkles of sugar.
Judy :They were great; till, Mummy reminisced about a fancy variation, she'd tried once.
She made wholewheat [brown] pancakes & filled them with lemon curd & creme fraiche, before pouring Limoncello, an Italian liqueur, she'd brought back from Rome over them!
That Sis of mine always has to have the last word!
Till next time, keep paw happy!

love & wheelie wishes,

Postscript from Bailey!
I did indeed find a Valentine!
Sweet little wheelie miss Sally May, she maybe small but if she likes me...

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Little Polar Bear!

'Aunt' Misses Peach(^;^), has sent Mother and I a wonderful video.
My Polar Bear Hug members - Sunday, Skipper, Miss Polly Pola and Anna were as enthralled as us...
Watching it, even made me fond of Skipper, as he must have been this cute once upon a time...

As this is our very first ever video up-load, I do hope you can all see and enjoy it too.
Ear wagging hugs to all,

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Special Valentine Update!

What can I say, my old bear heart brims over with pride.
I have just recieved this comfirmation from my dear beloved Miss Rosie, that my Valentines card to her, did indeed arrive in time...Naturally, I did not sign it as tradition decrees, but my nearlier post which she read, was rather a give away!
Am now just just a little concerned, that all these other cards @ 'Aunt' Misses Peach's cozy cottage might be for her too...But, I believe a lady of her refinement will have a loyal true heart to me!
Ear wagging hugs to all,

Happy Valentines Day Miss Rosie!

It gladdens an old bears heart to be able to send a Valentines Day Card.
I will now reveal the one I personally dispatched to my dear Miss Rosie, a sweetheart of a pink lady Stieff...
The single red rose bud I deliver 'virtually' with my deapest regards.
Mother even found me a selection of cakes perfect for the occassion too...
Since I see green dragons on one, a Happy Valentines Day to Dilly.
And to all my other friends too!
Ear wagging hugs to all,

Thursday, 11 February 2010

True Colours Thursday - CINNAMON!

Today I am going to make a long over due introduction.
Meet my CINNAMON Hug member...He arrived home late last Summer in Mother's wicker shopping basket...
She found him looking lost, amongst nick-nacks on a market stall.
And, being amused by his CINNAMON teddybear decorated pyjamas...She decided there was only one possible name for him - PJ!
He is a nice lad, likes to lounge around, so fits in well here.
Ear wagging hugs to all,

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey seeks Romance!

Hallo all!
With Valentines Day looming I have a dilemma.
Who to send my romantic greeting too!
Shhh - don't tell anyone but you see, I don't have a 'wheelie' girlfriend!
Most of the terrier pups are already paired off.
But, I don't look like an Airedale or a WFT like precious little Miss Judy.
I'm a 'wheelie' mongrel.
Mistress says that it doesn't matter, my cute black button nose & big brown eyes will win hearts a plenty...
I've got my pressie & Valentines card @ the ready...
Any recipients out there???
Till next time, keep paw happy!

Monday, 8 February 2010


Aunt BJ has graced me with this sweet friendship award...Am tickled pink as have no problems with my femine bear side!

The Awards Rules:
Rule #1 - Copy image to your blog - accomplished!
Rule #2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today.
In no particular order of significance
1. Jaffa Cakes - my favourite scrummy tea pawty cake...2. Cuddling with Mother, and Merry and Polly Pola and Miss Judy.
3. Thinking of my beloved Miss Rosie Bear, and especially @ the moment as am trying to decide which Valentines Card to send her, my final choice is secret until the big day...4. Making new blog friends, whether bears, cats, humans or pups.
5. Being all cosily wrapped up on a cold Winters night, my old mohair is a bit on the thin side in certain area's - modesty prevents me from say exactly where...6. Being head of Mother Blue's ever growing Hug of Bears, Stuffies & Wheelies!
7. Introducing my said Hugs members old & new - this is Ollie from last year...
8. Being a much loved teddybear - Mother found this and says it's true...
9. Dreaming of maybe visiting my birth palace this year before Mother moves away from the locality.
10. Secretly writing my Bear Memoirs for prosperity...

Rule #3 - Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
Well, Mother tagged many of my day brighteners - 'Aunt' Misses Peach, Bob T Bear [esq], Asta, Aunt BJ and Maggie & Mitch, but I have other blogs that delight me.
Buttons BeCause
Marlowe: A Teddy Bear
Dilly's Castle
Eduardo - a Snuggle Puggle
5) 'Family'
Molly, Taffy & Monty
Jen - The Baybearys' Cottage
Mack & Sally-Ann
Prince Hector
9) 'Aunt'
Dina's Blog Spot...
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh & Java - Rocky Creek Scotties

Ear wagging hugs to all,

Thursday, 4 February 2010

True Colours Thursday - PEWTER!

Mother once again, stole my original photograph for PEWTER, see her post - you can just spy my paws!
But then, Miss Judy mentioned her fine felted PEWTER grey back...
And, her neat neck spots, modeled on the Jackson's personal markings...
She was so seriously disappointed, I did not feature her for last Saturday's Photo Hunt as it's prompt was 'Spotted', I could not ignore her PEWTER look today!
Hope I have made amends now!
Ear wagging hugs,