Thursday, 30 July 2009

True Colours Thursday - RED, WHITE & BLUE!

As soon as I saw this weeks colour combination, I suspected there would be a conflict between Mother and I.
She comes up with these supposed bright TCT ideas!
And then, when in a mess of her own making, wants my Hug members to help her out.
So, I was fully expecting her to claim little British Beany Jack for her post.

He was sent to us, well Mother actually, along with his American cousin Sam by dear Aunt BJ, and he is very patriotic with his RED, WHITE & BLUE Union Jack flagged skin...But No!
She stole three members no less - Joey Tomato, Snowy & Bruge'...
But, I quickly claimed them back.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Little Buddy Bear's Day!

I have had to put my paws down today and over ride Wheelie Wednesday!
Naturally, Bailey is decidedly disgruntled but it is my blog!
And, we have a celebration in the Hug to recognise - Little Buddy Bear's Special Day no less.
He was actually adopted out in Prairieland, Saskatchewan, Canada @ the end of Harvest September 1998 and flew back to the UK as Hand Luggage!
However, Mother foolishly, failed to note the all important date down in her Birthday Book, so he decided to take his name sakes Birthday - Mothers love interest, as his own instead.
Today, Mother asked him would he prefer a Bearday Cake or Ice-Cream?
We all waited with baited breath, especially me as I have yet to taste the delights of the latter.
But, what did he say???
No, to both - Shock, Horror!
He wanted a Rum & Diet Coke like his humanling LB would, after wine!
Mother raised her eye brows, laughed and obliged.
Here he is looking more than a bit squiffy after several and the day is still young...

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stuffie Abuse!

Now, everyone knows or SHOULD, not to leave our dearly beloved Canine friends in cars, during the Summer, even with the windows down, as the sweltering heat can be fatal & all too frequently is.
Only last month, two Nottinghamshire Police dogs, tragically died that way, due to their handlers neglect!
That incident shocked Mother & I to the core - see HERE for more details!

But, I ask - what about car Stuffies???
Today, Mother showed me this worrying photograph taken yesterday, of these poor guys sitting in bright sunshine in a hot, air-tight vehicle...
I am very concerned for their well being!
They will suffocate!
Their coloured coats will fade, their stuffing disintegrate in the car furnace.

Alright, Mothers last car did have a Stuffie mascot.
He, given to her by Miss Shy, when she first acquired shiny red VW 'Scarlet'
But, Poodle Snowy, lived, like he does now indoors except, when his @ map reading skills were required, as seen here on their very last adventure together...
In my old bear eyes, all pet abuse, real or of the stuffed variety should not be allowed!
Maybe, I should start my own road side campaign...Any fellow supporters???

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday Photo Hunters - Utensils!

I thought, I would join Mother and do tnchick's prompt meme again!
The other evening, it was all paws and wheels to the deck to make supper.
The 'Wheelies' and I being very utensil friendly.
Here's me, grinding the mixed Peppercorns with a Pestle & Mortar...
Miss Judy, niftly weighed the Mushrooms in 'Wheelie' sized Scales...
Bailey, is ready to beat the Eggs, they are just waiting to be seasoned with my Pepper...
And Skipper - well, he is all too handy with a kitchen knife - the less said the better...
What were we, all helping to make?
A Mushroom & Courgette [or Zucchini to my North American friends] Flan.
Or Quiche, if we want to be cosmopolitan!
Mother made the shortcrust wholewheat pastry.
There's no photographs of the finished meal, as she, was more interested in eating it @ that stage!!!
Did we, her valved helpers get a taste?
Hugs from a hungry,

Thursday, 23 July 2009

True Colours Thursday - EMERALD!

I drew a complete blank on this weeks colour, even Merry shock her head.
We were @ a loss, until Mitch said he would share his EMERALD balls...He told me, Baoding Iron Balls, hail from China, are hollow and have a sounding plate inside that rings when you move them - one in a pair, sounds high, the other low.
Mitch likes to roll them between his paws to make them jingle jangle!
But, apparently, they are used in traditional Chinese medicine!
The idea is to hold both in ones palm and by crooking and stretching ones fingers cause the balls to rotate & revolve.
Mother has used them and demonstrated for us...

Returning to Mitch Bear, I should maybe point out he is actually called after Master Mitch Airedale!
Mother him found in the local
British Heart Foundation charity shop's toy box and thought he had a cute bright-eyed appealing face that reminded her of his now name sake.
What do you think?
Is there a likeness around the yes...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy finds 'THE' Judy!

"Hi, it's me Judy!
I very nearly sneaked back onto Mummy's 'My True Colours' blog today, as I have something rather special to share.
My fine felting design may be modelled, on the one & only WFT Jackson, but my conception is in memory of Mummy's Wiry sister & childhood doggy companion Judy, who I am naturally named after.
So, look what I've found tucked away in a old shoebox...
Yes, it's HER, the original Judy laughing away!
And, who's that scowling little girl looking down upon her?
Why Mummy, of course, aged about 4!
She can't have seen the joke!
Here they are again a year & a bit later in 1959...The lady with them is Auntie Dorothy from Edinburgh.
And, Mummy still looks a 'Little Madam'!
She tells me there should be an album of photo's.
However, we can't find them.
So, this is the first time 'THE' Judy has been seen in Blogland.
Must go and tell our WFT friends.
Foxy love & wheelie wishes,


Monday, 20 July 2009

Bear Party Cakes!

Mother found these, in that fancy cake shop's window...
Sunday's tea cakes are certainly put in the shadow by them!
She, has promised me one for my Bearday.
What a shame I have to wait till 30th November!
And, that is all my own fault.
As I mentioned on Mother's Birthday, as I was unsure of the actual date of my own Special Day but felt it, in my stuffing that, I hailed from Bear-ristocracy, I decided to adopt Sir Winston Churchill's birth date.
Well, he was born @ the BIG house in Woodstock, that I feel sure is my Palace too.
But, upon seeing these cakes, wish I had maybe chosen differently.
I want one now!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Afternoon Tea Musings!

I was not going to mention the weather but it is raining again.
Hence, Mother is depressed and drowning her sorrows in wine!
She's heard there is now a 'Flood Warning' out on the River.
Not too sure, what that exactly means, but she is upset.
So, I invited Merry & John II to share Sunday Cakes with me.
'Sultana Fingerellas' all the way from Paris, France no less...
They were a late 'Thank-you' gift, after Mothers last 'cat minding' stint.
But, strangely she finds them too sweet.
More for us bears.
Guess I should have invited Bob T. Bear, Esq over as he loves cake but it was an impromptu party.
I have saved 'fingers' for the other Hug members - maybe I will send him one too...But, before we - yours truly and Merry, could partake of ours, 'holier than thou' John II insisted in a quick bible blessing...
I understand that Aunt BJ's John is less pious.
Rather ironic really!
Mother who is not religious, has the saintly twin.
And Aunt BJ, who does go to Church, has the less Godly one.
Guess that is life!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

True Colours Thursday - PEACH!

I was, seriously upset with Mother!
Would you believe it?
She stole my Hug member, Miss Peaches to include her, on her post regarding today's colour!
When I protested, she said her need was greater than mine and I could always delight young Bob T Bear (Esq), again by wearing those PEACH coloured pants once more!
No way!
I have suffered, enough embarrassment in that direction already.
So, what was I left with???
My PEACH toothbrush - not funny...But, as a resourceful bear, I stole into Mother's Photographic Archives.
What did I find?

Why, a Jousting Tournament held in my birth Palace's grounds no less!
And, a gallant knight in PEACH & [purple] regalia... So, now, my post is far more exciting than Mothers!
Hugs from a cocky,

Monday, 13 July 2009

Stewart goes Home!

We, as in the Hug, are all a little subdued tonight, having lost our newest member!
Earlier today, someone persistently kept ringing our front door bell.
Mother, never keen to respond, due too many casual callers, finally went & answered.
A little Miss & her Mother stood there.
"Do you have my teddy Scot?" was the plaintive request.
Yes, Stewart, as we called him, has been reclaimed!
It seems, his true Mother, young Jade, whilst visiting her Grandmother, who lives locally - let him slip from her grip, on a trip to the park!
The re-union was touching.
But, here, we have mixed feelings!
Glad he has gone home.
But, sad he has left us!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday Photo Hunters - Garbage!

I have not participated in this game for sometime.
But, after checking my America English Dictionary, regarding this weeks word prompt, I realised it is about rubbish - not Aunt BJ's 'Rubbish by Roan', but the sort you seriously throw away.
Now, that reminded me of this disturbing picture I had seen whilst surfing Google Images...I consider a teddy bear rubbish bag, to be in very bad taste!
Am relieved Mother uses bio-degradable black sacks.

Friday, 10 July 2009

B'Day Cheering for Maggie & her Mom!

Dear Merry was all misty eyed this morning!
It was nothing to do with her romance with Stormy either!
She was feeling a touch home-sick of all things.
The reason?
Although, English by birth, she did live contentedly for a while in the States.
Todays is her former Mother's Birthday along with her doggy sisters Barkday.
Now, as they are two of my dearest blog friends I instantly cheered...
Merry & I wish Aire Miss Maggie & Aunt Sue a wonderful day and shared celebration.
Love & Hugs from us both,

Thursday, 9 July 2009

True Colours Thursday - NAVY!

Now, Mother confessed to struggling with this weeks colour, but not me, as I have a tale of hoped for seduction via this to relate...When Mother was young, a long time ago, even by my standards, Grandmothers very favourite perfume was 'Evening in Paris'.
Created in 1929 by Bourjois; by the Nineteen Fifties it had become "The Most Famous Fragrance in the World."
It came in a dark blue bottle with a dream of sophistication, romance & escapism, and Mother has inherited several of these small iconic bottles in their original packaging and full too.
The scent is too sweet for her now, but she told Merry and I, that the slightest whiff still conjures up special childhood memories like a good-night kiss.
Now, upon hearing this, dear Merry doused herself in it.
You see she is rather smitten with Master Stormy in his NAVY & White ribbon..Wearing her best silk NAVY neckerchief, she is keen to share a kiss with him.
I do worry, her feelings may not be reciprocated!
As despite her best efforts todate, he seems only inclined to cuddling...Guess only time will tell, whether the 'Evening in Paris' magic still works!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey's Garden Despair!

"Hallo All, Bailey here!
I suspected I was not going to get to post today!
His Lordship Woodstock, does like to go on so, about his precious Hug!
And, I ask you, who many bears can a 'Wheelie' pup live with???
Anyway, following Miss Autumn's lead, I thought I should go out into the garden this morning & check on my Geraniums, that I had over Wintered indoors.
Mistress Blue is not green fingered!
More kiss of blackdeath!!!
Subsequently, they are not doing well...
The best pot is still in in the kitchens lobby, as she can't help but remember to water it, so it's blooming well...
After seeing all the delights of Autumns well tended domain, I despair.
Here, the only things that flourish are self setting Aqualigia's...
Icelandic Poppies...
And, Dandilions, big time...
One thing for sure you can always tell the time here...
Till next time, keep paw happy!