Saturday, 31 October 2009

Miss Peach>(^;^)<'s Wedding Day!

Today is an extremely special one for all concerned!
Aunt Miss Peach >(^;^)< is getting married...She will shortly be exchanging her vows with her betrothed Mickey the Black Cat, @ The Lighthouse, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia!
And, I am escorting my own beloved, Miss Rosie, who resides with Miss Peach; being her 'Beau' makes my old heart swell with immense pride!
Here she is, all ready for the occassion, dressed like the very fine quality Pink Lady Stieff Bear she is...
A minor point of interest, that Mother insists I tell you - is that Miss Rosie's dress is actually Mother's own Christening gown, neatly adapted for the wedding!
How come you may wonder???
Well, Mother & Miss Peach, hail from that ancient, excentric and tradition steeped family, the Bow-Under Bumpteads, so Mother being childless sent it as a gift!!!
I, did order my own smart tuxedo, seen here as bear-atised...But, due to the recent unfortunate disruption of the Royal Mail, it did not arrive in time, so, I have had to improvise with a black silk cravat!!!
And, I blame Mother for forgetting my Diamond Cravat Pin!
But, she did remember a Blue Rose for my button hole!
Once attired, to ensure the Champagne for the Wedding Toast was up to scratch, I quickly had a glass earlier...
Did I mention that Aunt Miss Peach asked me to be Master of Ceremony?
Yes, I have the great honour of proposing the toast to the newly weds.
Now, must just run through my speach once more.
My opening quote is...
“Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”
[Friedrich Halm]
It is going to be a wonderful day!
Do go visit Miss Peach @ her Vintage Wedding and leave her your best wishes!

A quick postscript.
All is going spiffingly well.
The touching wedding service brought a tear to Miss Rosies and my eyes!
And, I was so glad that due to my title, and Mother, once having a close friend who was Deputy Chief House-Keeper to her gracious majesty Queen Elizabeth II [True], I was able to procure the services o her Gold State Coach from the Royal Mews @ Buckingham Palace for the happy couple...
Let us all raise our glasses and toast the bride and groom.
I give you, Mr Mickey & Misses Peach Armstrong...
Congratulations to you both!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

True Colours Thursday - BLACK!

Today is all about Halloween.!
Even, Merry dressed up in BLACK for 'Trick Treating'...
And, what do you think of my BLACK Wizard's hat...
Mother even found me cakes with appropriate icing...Hugs,
And, Happy Halloween for Saturday as I will be away attending a wedding!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Tennyson's Time!

It being regrettably 'Spring Forward, Fall back' time once more - in other words, last night @ 2AM British Summer Time officially ended and we gained a hour - much needed by me, I will add!
But, returning to Greenwich Meantime, does mean the evenings grow darker earlier, and Mother & I both hate that.
However, here in this Hug, we follow Grandmother's way of not actually changing the clocks over till during today, Sunday!!!
Now, finding that Hug member Tennyson had his own personalised time piece...

I put him in charge of altering all our household clocks and watches, as thought it would help Mother
And, save me the task!
He had quite a few to do this morning...And, the chiming long wall clock, was a huge challenge...First, there was the pendulum to sort...Then, the clock hands to re-position...But, I have to admit Tennyson has done a fine job.
Though, I am unsure, if he did get around to Mother's Radio Alarm Clock!
Only waking up time tomorrow morning will tell that!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Party to Remember!

Now, please bear with me today, as I am a little, in fact, a LOT delicate.
So much so, I just cannot believe how noisy these computor keys are!!!
I am trying my best to paw in quietly, as loud sounds do jar my poor head!
And, as for my Juke Box's jingle - I will not go there!!!
You see, I have recently arrived home from a serious Bacholar Party!!!
Here is the invite, and I did survive but only just...
Yes, I know it say's 'ManCats only'!
However, as a close relative of the 'Bride-To-Be', none other than my own dear 'Aunt' Miss Peach >(^;^)< ; an exception was made for myself and young Bob T Bear, Esq!

Miss Peach's intended Mickey, is indeed a fine looking fellow...And, his Best Mancat & Groomscats organised quite a night!
You can read about it & see all the goings on HERE!
All I will add, is there was much caterwauling... The above black cat was NOT Mickey, just in case Miss Peach is concerned!
But, the drinks did flow rather a lot.

After my own experience with the demon Lemon, as in Gin & Tonic's a while back, I restricted myself to premium Scotch instead!
I think the Rocky Creak Scotties will approve of my choice...But, suspect I imbibed a little too much, so must go lie down again.
Mother maybe laughing @ me, but she did keep remarkably quiet about what happened @ Miss Peach's Bridal Tea & Spa Party!!!
I do, suspect this tea was not as innocent as it looks...
Anyway, Mother and I must now ready ourselves, for the Wedding Nuptials a week today; I, of course will be escorting the delightful & genteel Miss Rosie Bear, my own personal love interest.
Mother will have to go alone or accompany Bob!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

True Colours Thursday - GREEN!

With still no GREEN Hug member, I was once again struggling.
Polly Pola, pointed out her favourite story book had a GREEN cover...But, I thought I needed something more substantial.
So, when Mother was not hogging the laptop, I turned to Google Images.
And after pawing in 'GREEN bear', this was what I found...Shock, horrow!!!
I just had to find out the full story, which meant another Google search!
Discovered this press release from 2007...
"Three normally white polar bears at Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens in central Japan changed their colour in July after swimming in a pond with an overgrowth of algae.
The sight of GREEN polar bears prompted many questions from visitors concerned about the animals welfare!
In a statement made by Zoo official Masami Kurobe, he said 'High Summer temperatures & less-frequent water changes because of the zoo's conservation efforts caused an algae growth in the bear pond & safety moat. And, algae that enters hollow spaces in the bears' fur, is hard to rinse off. The bears are expected to return to their natural colour when the growth subsides in November.'"

Mmm, very interesting!

Do hope, he was telling the truth as Polly Pola was most distraught.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy re tells her Story!

Hi, it's me Judy!
Don't imagine you expected to see me again this week.
But, Wheelie brother Bailey, bless him, let me, if a little begrudgingly, have another word.
You see, Mummy has missed two important dates in my small feltie life, my 1st Adoption Barkday & my 1st Gotcha Day!!!
Can you believe it?
Here I am, like royalty, Queen Elizabeth II, with two Birthdays, an actual one & an official one, and I didn't get to celebrate either!
For those of you wondering, how come I have two special days, I had a near disastrous start.
Mummy, who had been wanting a 'Wheelie' for ages, before she found Bailey, had asked Aunty Lana over @ Airedale Heaven to felt me.
I was to be named Judy in memory of Mummy's childhood WFT doggy sister and to be modeled in the image of her now best foxy friend, the one & only Jackson.
Bailey still says he can't believe, he agreed to a GIRLY clone, but he did or rather his JI did!
Per my Adoption Certificate, my adoption was formally completed on the 4th August 2008
I was then carefully bedded down & duly shipped across the Big Pond, only to be taken prisoner by men in dark jackets - because I went missing, Mummy thought I'd got lost @ sea!
But, eventually, the Customs Inspectors allowed me into Dreamingspires with instructions that Mr Postman was NOT to deliver me to Mummy unless she paid a huge ransom!
Mummy was outraged & appealed - in hindsight, she whole hearted wishes she hadn't - I though, have forgiven her.
Anyway, still safely in my cosy box I went back to the Customs Head Office.
There I was unceremoniously dragged from my bed & I interrogated!!!
It was ever so scary, but I held out as best as I could.
They ripped my left paw off my wheels & bent it painful backwards, tweaked my tail & ruffed up my fine felt.
With no confession extracted, these nasty men returned me to Dreamingspires, still demanding the ransom tax be paid.
Mummy on seeing my wrecked box, knew she couldn't have me sent back to the States, so she paid over the many pounds demanded & brought me home.
My Gotcha Day was last Sunday, the 18th October!

I was in a terrible state, all wheelie wobbly & pathetic looking...Mummy fixed a surgical plaster to my poorly sore paw, straighten my tail & lovingly smoothed down my felt.
I rested up on her bed... And, eventually Mummy rejoined my paw to my wheels.
All was was finally well in my world & has remained so.

Must go now, as rumour has it every bear & pup is gathering for a surprise pawty in my honour!
And, I've just seen a cake...
Foxy love & wheelie wishes

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Woodstock Road!

Now, I know there are several places named Woodstock.
One is in the United States, young Buttons was apple picking nearby recently & impressing me with his tree climbing skills!
And, there is of course, the local country market town close to Dreamingspires, that it is home to my birth palace.
But, Mother told me, not every one has a road named after them...Hugs,

Thursday, 15 October 2009

True Colours Thursday - PINK!

PINK is definitely NOT my colour!
But, as it is in aid of a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, I decided to get in touch with my feminine side...
The Hug girls went for a group PINK in..
And, as Miss Judy was busy doing her 'Wheelie' post, so missed out on the above photo shoot, I found a snap of her taken just after she arrived last year, with her poorly paw in it's PINK bandage...

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy on missing Out!

Hi, it's me Judy!
I'm wearing my PINK for Mummy's True Colours Thursday tomorrow early...In truth, I am one very upset wheelie!
Well, Mummy went to Brighton to see Jackson without me AGAIN!!!.
And, what makes it worse, this time she went on a WFT Walk too.
Her excuses, that the terriers might think I was just a Stuffie to toy with, rather than a superior Feltie, seem paw lame to me.
I mean, I am modeled on the one & only WFT Jackson
Here he is showing off his handsome self on Saturday...
Do you see a resemblance?
And, he certainly had room to spare in his private, chauffeur pushed carriage for a small wheelie girl like me to ride in state beside him...I could also have shared beach time with Sally & Paddy...
Mummy doesn't even have the techy photograhic skills to enable me to 'virtually' join in either!!!
It's just NOT FAIR.
Foxy love & wheelie wishes from a disgruntled miss!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Biker Bear!

Mother is home from her long weekend in Brighton!
We bears slept in while she was away fraternising with dogs - Wire Fox Terrier's & Welsh Terriers no less!
Then, she went consorting with Bikers!!!
It was there, she saw this fellow...
I imagine his red eyes are due to fear, whilst pawing on for dear bear life when riding pillion!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

True Colours Thursday - SILVER!

Never let it be said, that I do not give credit where credit is due.
'Wheelie' Bailey was of great assistance yesterday concerning the tricky issue of Skippers hibernation, though he did fail to mention I had to cross his wheels with SILVER to precur his help, but I will let that pass!
As soon as the cupboard door was shut on Skippper, I wound up my SILVER pocket watch...
Have set his wake up alarm for December, month 12...Just hope that is long enough rest for him!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey puts Skipper to Bed!

Hallo All!
Remember me?
In case you've been wondering what had happened to me, I've been away to late Summer 'Wheelie' School.
As you know I'm trying to improve myself, so I took a short course on 'Bear Management' as my home is swamped with the blighters.
And, I've quickly had to put my newly learned skills to work too, sorting out snooty Sir Woodstock & Skipper!!!
You see, Skipper wasn't sure he needed or wanted to go to have a long enforced sleep, just because Woodstock said he did.
Now, I didn't like doing it, not one bit as it went against my wheels.
But for once, I sided with his lordship!
I explained to Skipper that all Polar Bears have a period of hibernation and that there was a nice spot under the stairs where he could rest for a while & renew his strength
And, I promised to wake him up in time for Christmas.
Eventually, he agreed, I saw him safely to the door...
Then, put up the notice he'd written, so he wouldn't be disturbed...
All went very quiet, so after a little while, I sneaked a peek inside...
With Skippper asleep, it'll just be down to me to keep Woodstock in line!
Till next time, keep paw happy!