Thursday, 13 May 2010

True Colours Thursday - AZURE!

Remember me???
I have had a prolonged enforced rest as Mother, my secretary has been exceedingly remiss regarding helping me to blog; not that she has ignored the Hug & I, we have had lots of cuddles, even if a few of them were damp ones due to her crying because of her blue moods!
In the hope of cheering herself up, she has also been away to Brighton twice, she returned from her most recent trip yesterday, with such red eyes I bearly recognised her - you see, her favourite WFT Jackson who she went to visit, died whilst she was there, and worse still on her actual birthday!
I never meet him personally, probably for the best as he was a notorious de-stuffier of all Stuffies, including I fear superior Bears like myself.
Anyway, pup blog friends of Mother's Doyle & Mollie suggested she buy herself a belated Birthday treat ie a Stuffie in Jackson memory, so she did just that.
Meet Freddie in his AZURE jumper...
You would have thought she would have called him after the Jax!
But no, she decided there was only room for one Jackson in her life, so as she shares her birthday, with the late actor Fred Astaire [10/05/1899 - 22/06/1987], who starred in the 1955 film "Daddy Long Legs" and as you can see my new Hug member has long legs, Freddie it is.
The fact he has an AZURE jumper may have made some impact on her choice of bear this particular week but he seems a fine fellow and maybe he has inherited his namesakes ability to dance.
I have always fancied learning Ballroom dancing, especially now, as then, I could sweep my beloved lady bear friend Miss Rosie off her feet!
Hopefully, it will not be to long before I have another word with you all.
Ear wagging hugs,