Monday, 30 November 2009

Time to Celebrate!

Happy Bear-day to me,
Happy Birthday to Sir Winston,
Happy Bear-day dear ME,
Happy Birthday dear Sir Winston,
Happy B-day to US!

There is no prize for guessing what to day it is here?
My Hug is fancy pawty hat ready as my invitations specified...
Yes, it is my very first ever my Bear-day celebration!
Mother, hiding behind her Venetian mask, wanted to make it special...But I fear she now regrets it's technicalities!!!
[Blue here, without the help of friends below re images all gratefully received, I would have done a 'Woodstock Regrets' post re this 'madness' on my part, as I have felt so unwell this weekend it has been a real struggle to get my act together!]

Back to me, the bear-day boy!
Not every bear can celebrate his day in such fine company!
My Hero, Sir Winston Churchill was born today in 1874 @ the Big House there in Woodstock!
And a 'wheelie' friend joining us is named after him too!
It fell to this wartime prime-minister, to cement my country's alliance with the US, where I now have many good friends!
The son of an American mother & an English father, his eloquence - yes, he was a fine speaker, with a way with words, just like me - endeared him nearly as much to Americans as to the British!
This oil portrait of him is by Douglas Granville Chandor 1946...
And this me, a digital photograph by Mother 2009...
Now, the pawty really can start, the caters have delivered!
My cake has arrived, not from the Shop but it is chocolate...And, my presents marched in...Followed by my many friends.
Master Buttons, smartly attired in business suit was first @ the door... The Rocky Creek Scotties were next...Followed by, Maggie & Mitch plus Miss Autumn and Kipper & Hazel...WFT's Miss Fergi, Jake & 'Wheelie' Winston...
Bob T Bear, esq came over without his famous pants on head...
Charlie Bear, Sally Ann, Mack & Taddy teleported across from the USA...And, Diva Asta as usual dressed to impress & took centre stage...Then played the piano beautifully for our dances and my Bear-day chorus...Before setting up a Las Vegas style gaming table to showing off her card tricks... Ginger Jasper in very fetching green, hoped the luck of the Irish was with him when he sat down to play poker against her...
And, we must send Greeting to his Dad, who has the honour to share his Birthday with little old me!

My personal guest of honour was of course, my lady bear friend dear Miss Rosie - we shared a private moment over a paw-martini, after I had reclaimed her from Master Buttons company - I think she admires a gent in a suit...She arrived with apologies from Aunt Misses Peach, who is still away on her honeymoon with Mickey.

Moving on, Mother has lite my cakes candles - look @ them burning brightly - I am not saying how many...
Everyone please take a deep breath, think of a wish & help me blow them out - one, two, three woooooooooooooooooosh!
And, may I say 'Thank-You' to you for all coming to share my day and making it so memorable, now, lets pawty some more.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

True Colours Thursday - ORANGE and Happy Thanks-Giving!!

I kept this ORANGE Pumpkin lantern of yours truly, handsome self, especially for today - it seemed appropiate...My earlier Google Image search re ORANGE did produced this fine fellow having his own Thanks-Giving feast...And, Mother, whilst shopping, encountered this youngster in his ORANGE jumper with sweeties...So, all that remains for me to say now is...
Happy Thanks-Giving to my all friends across the pond!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My Bear-Day Plans!

I have had to over-rule Wheelie Wednesday today - well, it is my blog and Mother has procrastinated long enough about making this very important announcement regarding the 30th of November 2009!
Yes, it is now, only a few days away to my first ever Bear-Day celebration!
I honestly, have to confess, head in paws, I have no idea when I was actually born, but as I have aspirations re my birth place ie the Palace in Woodstock, I have adopted one of it's most famous son's day as mine.
Mother approved, as she loves history.
And, one must aim high in life!
And what can be higher than Sir Winston Churchill, Great Britain's prime minister during World War II???
Then, she lowers the tone with my Pawty Invitations...
FANCY HATS!!!!!!!!!!!
But, everyone is welcome - bears, cats, pups, human's, especially Aunts!
Mother has promised to mix serious Paw-Martinis...
Cook lots of tempting fishy/meaty items all glazed /roasted in Honey...
And, order in a wealth of desserts - I specified Ice-cream ...

I hope for a Bear-Day Cake too???
So, RSVP and please come help me blow out my unspecified number of candles!
Sir Winston would be a 135, but I am considerably younger than that!


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Barkday Apple for Mitch!

For my Airedale friend...Happy Barkday Mitch!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Pudsey's Children in Need Appeal 2009!

I had a rude awaking this morning!
Young Pudsey grabbed my attention first thing, even before my breakfast...He insisted it was HIS day!!!
I went immediately to Mother re an explaination, as I do not readily accept this sort of conduct in my Hug!
She explained, he, Pudsey, is the mascot of the annual BBC TV's Children in Need appeal.
And, the principle fund raising events are today & on tonight's television.
Oh dear!
But, never let it be said, I do not know when I am in the wrong!
Now my Pudsey, is the original superior designer bear, but last year he was replaced by a brasher brother...Never the less he and 'Bro' have been 'Out & about' fund raising across the country - all my Mosaic images come from Google sources too many to credit individually...The charity's aim is improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.
Last year, the 2008 Appeal raised an amazing £38 million!
This evening Pudsey and I will snuggle up & watch the Children In Need programme together with Mother...It is seven hours plus long, so I wonder do who will fall asleep first???
Not me for sure!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

True Colours Thursday - LAPIS LAZULI!

A while back on another True Colour Thursday, Navy I believe, I posted about Merry being smitten with Master Stormy.
A fine and handsome fellow, he is still proving a differcult bear for her to 'Woe and Win' over!
This is her latest effort to
'Wow' him with her style and good taste...She's doned Mother's LAPIS LAZULI blue glass beads... And started to use her pretty little milk jug made in Italian Deruta pottery...Why, the latter?
Because, Stormy has the matching coffee cup - Mother brought both back as holiday souvenirs from Lago Trasimeno, in Umbria, Italy... I just hope, this display on Merry's part works, as she does get rather blue when rejected by him!
But, I suspect this courtship has a way to run yet!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Gardening Bears!

Mother, while she was away recently, went Garden Centre visiting!
Now, like her, I prefer to leave actual gardening to 'Wheelie' Bailey.
But, it seems Nottcutt's Garden Centre's have Bears a plenty, who like to garden...Even, fight with Rose briars...
Then, when done - hang out amongst the flowers...Or, try to sell them selves in pairs on a garden trug @ the 'Last Bear Stop' ie Check-Out point...Amazingly, Mother did not sucumb to any of them!
Hugs, from a dumb-founded bear,

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Late Photo Hunt - Music!

I moved this post from yesterday, in respect of the Miss Snickers appeal!
I do not have a photograph as such, but Mother has found a Country music song about us bears.
It is sung by a nice blonde lady called Babara Fairchild.

And, I am going to dedicate it to my dear Miss Rosie!
Now, DO NOT FORGET to turn OFF 'The Teddy Bears Picnic' on my Juke-Box before viewing


Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Worldwide Moment for Miss Snickers!

Mother has posted all the details about this very urgent appeal HERE...My paws are definitely in.
And, all the Hug and Wheelie's Bailey & Judy will be joining me to send heartfelt good wishes to Miss Snickers and her Family @ 11pm tonight.
Do join us to will this brave Wire Fox Terrier Miss well again.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

True Colours Thursday - VIOLET!

I mentioned to Mother, as soon as she arrived home on Tuesday, my concern that I would not be able to participate today, unless Miss Merry volunteered to model another kimono, this time a VIOLET one!
Then yesterday, Mother went into town and upon her return, presented me with a paperbag!
I sniffed it intently...But, imagine my surprise and delight when VIOLET popped out...It seems, Mother had called in @ the local British Heart Foundation charity shop as she frequently does when shopping, and found VIOLET desperately seeking a home.
Thankful, Mother had some spare loose change in her purse.
It would appear little VIOLET must have been given to celebrate a special event by the insignia on her bosom...
It says "Well Done"!
That is what I say to Mother.