Monday, 30 March 2009

The Name Game!

Now, here I am recovering from pawting with Bob T Bear, esq!
And, what does Mother do???
But, tag tired me!

1. What is your name? WOODSTOCK
Seems, the following answers must all begin with W!
2. A four letter word? WELL - not really, as a little hung over!
The Ginger Beer was obviously spiked.
3. Girl name: WILMA - Mother's friend was the only one that came to mind in my delicate state!
4. Boy name: WINNIE as in Winnie the Pooh...
5. Occupation: WISE WAG
6. Color: WHITE as in Polar Bears!
7. Piece of clothing: WELLINGTONS, like Paddington wears!
9. Item in the bathroom: WATER!
10. Place/City: WOODSTOCK - where else?
11. A reason for being late: WAS WRITING my blog!!
12. Something you’d yell: WAIT for me!
13. Movie: a fish called WANDA!
It is very funny.
14. Something you drink: WHISKEY & WATER!
15. Band: the WOMBLES of Wimbledon Common! 16. Animal: WOLF, as some of my best friends are their decendants
17. Street name: WIMBLEDON High Street
18. Car: voltsWAGON
19. Song: 'WHEN You WISH Upon A Star', from Walt Disney's 'Pinocchio'!
20. Activity that includes more than one participant:
WHITE WATER rafting!

Now who to tag...
New York socialite, Miss Asta WFT
Miss Bearzil
Bob T Bear, esq

Snuggler Eduardo
Master Ludo, Lugwig Van pup
And, Princess Snowball!

Am now, going to take a well deserved nap.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring Forward!

It was the start of British Summer time @ 2 am this morning!
I lost a whole hours valuable sleep.
Heaven help me!

And, still a full day of pawting to go @ young Bob T Bear's!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Pants & Pawty Time!

Woke this morning, to find I had received an invitation!
No less than, from, young Bob T Bear, Esq; to attend a very special Blog celebration of his...
Amongst other treats, he has promised home-made cakes...
I was naturally, very excited!
So, enquired off Mother, if I would need any special Pawty attire.
Regretted, asking almost immediately.
She said - yes , wait for it, I would require pants!
And, I would have to wear them on my head!!!
Apparently, Bob, has a thing about frolicking with them.
There is even to be Pant Pen @ the Pawty...I was, more than a little taken back!
The things, these youngsters, get up to now-a-days!!!
But, never let it be said, that I am a stick in the mud.
Though, wearing a pair of Mother's Peach coloured britches, turban style, does feel a little strange to say the least...
I would have preferred Blue.
But, she is behind with doing the laundry!
And, I did stipulate clean pants.
Any way, as a good guest, I am thoughtfully, taking along my favourite biscuits, Jaffa Cakes - they have yummy Orange centres.

Also, another Hug member is attending Bob's pawty with me...
It seems Miss Polly Pola, is a old friend of Bobs.
He actually named her, saying she obviously, had Polar Bear genes!

Now, another Pawty requirement, apart from pants, it seems, is Jokes!
So, here we go...
Mother, also invited, is offering:-
Q: Have you ever hunted bear?
A: No, but I've been shooting in my shorts!
Q: How do you start a teddy bear race?
A: Ready, teddy, go!
Q: What do you get if you cross a grizzly bear and a harp?
A: A bear faced lyre!

Miss Polly came up with these:-
Q: What kind of money do polo bears use?
A: Ice lolly
Q: What do you call a big white bear with a hole in his middle?
A: A polo bear!
Q: Why is a polar bear cheap to have as a pet?
A: It lives on ice!
Q: What do polo bears have for lunch?
A: Ice burgers!
Yes, a good effort.

And, finally my own small selection:-
Q: What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig?
A: A teddy boar!
Q: What's a teddy bears favorite pasta?
A: Tagliateddy!
Particularly, liked this one!
Q: What should you call a bald teddy?
A: Fred bear!
What do you get if you cross a skunk with a bear?
A: Winnie the Pooh!
Q: What is a bear's favorite drink?
A: Koka-Koala!
As the Pawty, is to be a weekend long affair, only hope my stamina holds!
Trust I will see you all there.


Thursday, 26 March 2009

True Colours Thursday - BEIGE & Grandmother!

Now, I know many may have struggled with this weeks colour.
But, not me!
Do not mean to brag.
BEIGE is an odd shade.
But, it is surely, Hug member Barney's colouration...
He was Grandmother's special 'rescue' bear.
She & Mother had gone away to Leamington Spa, to a rather grand sounding 'Christmas House Party' @ the Manor Hotel.
Apparently, it simply meant, the hotel's chef took the strain of preparing the holiday feast, leaving them to relax!
Grandmother, particularly liked Leamington, having fond memories of this Warwickshire town, from her time stationed there during World War II.
She had been assigned as live-in cook to Officers, who had requisitioned a large private house on The Parade.
And, despite a few wild japes, she earned her Sargent's strips there.
Anyway, back to Barney's tale - on Christmas Eve, walking the said Parade, they, Mother and Grandmother looked in @ the St Barnardos charity shop.
A certain boy was sitting lonesome on an otherwise empty shelf.
Grandmother, a bear softy - I am sure I would have liked her, immediately took pity on him.
She could not bare the thought of him spending Christmas there, alone in the cold and dark.
So, he was 'saved' from this fate and joined the festivities.

Okay, not BEIGE, well, apart fom her walking stick maybe!
But, this is Grandmother, that Christmas in the snowy Jefferson Gardens...
She looks very sprightly here in 1998.
It was before her fall, that broke her hip.
And, the evil Cancer that took her life.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy on ID Passes!

"Hi, it's me Judy!
Now, Wheelie brother Bailey, may not be, that happy to be posting here on Sir Woodstock's blog.
But me, I love it - he, Woodstock is such a gentleman, unlike some I could name.
And, he has shown me some very entertaining sites too.
As a consequence, I now have my own Reporter ID...
Did one for Bailey too, befitting his status...
Ouch - he bite me, Mummy!
Pawing on...
If you want your own personal creditation, do try out this site & go to Badge Maker!
Foxy love & wheelie wishes,
PS ...
I hear there is a Fox Terrier Rescue walk taking place real soon.
The very first one, in the UK no-less.
Mummy plans on attending.
But, she still hasn't said, if I can go with her yet.
I'd like to meet the one & only Jackson.
Well - from a distance @ least!
Want to keep my stuffy wheelie bits & pieces in tact, as know he has teeth and uses them on the likes of me.
Err, but I forgive him.
DO, convince Mummy, I should GO!
This could be one fun 'Wheelie' adventure for me.
Plus, there is no way Bailey can attend.
He's not a true Terrier.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dollar Proud!

Mother went into town yesterday to cash in her remaining American money.
However, she had never really looked that closely @ her dollar bills since her return from Las Vegas.
But, the Bureau de Change lady, spotted the discrepancy straight away... Hee-Hee!
I have found this really interesting site called PhotoFunia, via dear Aunt Miss Peach>(^;^)<; it offers endless possibilities for creative mayhem!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Monochrome Monday - Yours Truly!

Please, do not judge me as vain, but I think I look good in silver tones.
And, besides which have not done a Monochrome Maniac's post for a while.
Here I am, raising a paw in 'Greeting' to you all...Hugs

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Well, a certain Wheelie, who will remain nameless, thought he was the only one remembering this special day.
But, NO way!
We Bear Hug members have, our very own card for Mother...
And, I personally, sneaked into the garden to pick her a real bunch of flowers too - Celandine's, no less...Know she will love them!
I certainly do - their little yellow selves are as sunny as the sun they adore, when it goes to bed, they close their faces up and go to sleep as well.

And, a Happy Mother's Day too, to Mothers everywhere.
We would be lost without your love and care.
And, miss those who are no-longer with us.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Two Blue Bears!

Now to the efficient of you, it will come as a shock, when I report that Mother, although home from her travels over a week, had not got around to unpacking her suitcase till this very morning!!!
But, I have graciously, forgiven her this tardiness, in light of a certain youngster who emerged from the bowels of the said case.
Allow me to introduce Little Vegas, LV for short...
Mother's Gentleman friend bought him for her on their last night together.
But, she says I can be responsible for his Hug schooling.
And, I quickly realised, I was about to re-united siblings, if not, twinlings, separated @ birth and by vast continents.
You see what I mean...
Blue Bonnet with her flowers, came all the way from Selangor, Malaysia.
She was a delightful and unexpected Christmas 2007 gift from the Golden One, Rossi...Mother misses him greatly, as he no longer blogs, due to now having a small humanoid in his family!
It is very sad when friends are no longer in touch.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

True Colours Thursday - GREEN!

My participation in Mother's colour meme was in jeopody again this week, as I have no GREEN Bears!
But, once more dear Miss Merry came to my rescue.
She donned her GREEN spotted Neckerchief & modelled Grand Mother's fun broach and Mothers GREEN Adventurine bracelet & earrings...
What a great girl she is!

It seems I am now, the host of Wheelie Wednesday.
Mmm, NOT sure about this!
I would have much prefered it, if Mother had consulted me first.
Miss Judy is fine; a classy wiry wheelie lass.
But, that Bailey is another matter.
There maybe friction ahead!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey catches up!

"Hallo Everyone, Bailey here, @ last!
Crikey, it's been a while since I got to post.
Every one's been having fun except me - weep/whinge!
Mistress got to go on holiday.
And, what does she do?
But, put that snooty bear Woodstock in charge of the house.
I ask you!
What was she thinking off???
He makes out he's all pure & refined, yet I caught him gambling & with that religious boy John 2 too, here's the proof...
Even, my so called, best buddy Skipper got to play cards...
Somehow, my invitation to the gaming table got lost in the post - pouting here!
However, never let it be said, that I'm not a tittle-tattle.
I won't tell Mistress.

But, I'm going to get myself in favour with her this weekend & hopefully earn myself a treat.
You see, it's Mothering Sunday & I'm ahead of the game.
I've just signed my greetings card...Had it hand made specially for Mistress Blue too, in her favourite colour...
Do you think she'll like it???
Since, that Foxy Wheelie Sis of mine Judy, prefers the Bear Hug's company to mine, she's always having tea with them, she can send her own card!!!

Till next time, keep paw happy!
Just realised I've moved blogs.
Err, Wheelie Wednesday is now hosted by his lordship, Sir Woodstock!
Opps, maybe in serious trouble now.
I do really like you Woodstock, no offence was meant in this post.
But, am sooo sad Mistress felt the need to do this.
Isn't blogging for escapism & fun???
Just because she crossess the thresholds between blogs, why hate her?

Friday, 13 March 2009

Gaming Bears!

Just thought I would let you into a secret!
There is an old saying that goes 'While the cats away, the mice will play!'
Well, while Mother was away, guess what we bears were doing???...Yes, gambling the days away, not quite Las Vegas Style however the best we could do...Am not quite sure what game we actually played!
But, please do not tell Mother, as I lost my posterior!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

True Colours Thursday - VIOLET & Little Buddy!

Well, thankfully Mother landed safely back from Las Vegas yesterday.
I must admit, I was pleased to see her, even though, she appears to be far from happy about being home.
She seems to be suffering from the international flyer's disease called jet-lag & a peculiarity of her own, called missing Little Buddyitus!
I been giving her lots of comforting hugs, which has meant my mohair's got tear wet in return - Mmm!

So, with all this going on, I feared I would not have the opportunity to participate in True Colours, as Mother seemed un-inclined to help me take new photographs.
I therefore, have had to be resourceful and look in her Las Vegas portfolio.
Fortunately, she missed this shot of VIOLET Pansies out on her own post about Bellagio's Conservatory...

And, as I like to use today, to personally introduce my colourful Hug members individually to you all, I am going to sneak in too, an old snapshot found in the Bear Photographic Archives of non-VIOLET Little Buddy, with as small framed mid 1980's picture of the gentleman he's named after ...Mother says both are equally cuddlesome!
He, LB bear was given to her by her cousin Headmistress, whilst on a Prairieland vacation; he was to comfort her, after Little Budddy, the love interest had left the farm to return to his wife!

Monday, 9 March 2009

A Postcard from Mother!

As you may know, Mother left me in charge of the Household Hug & hurried off to Las Vegas, to meet her Gentleman Friend, known as Little Buddy!!!
She was soooooooooooooooooo preoccupied, she did not even post for True Colours Thursday re Yellow!!!
Tutt, tutt!
I just wonder, what she / they got up too in the States!!!
I hear anything goes in Nevada.
Anyway, I have finally, received an Internet postcard.
And, what is it off???
A snail, in the fancy Conservatory Gardens in the Bellagio Hotel...
I really ask you - could she not have found a bear some where???

Thursday, 5 March 2009

True Colours Thursday - YELLOW!

I have only one real YELLOW bear, in the Hug!
That is of course Pudsey the BBC's
'Children in Need' famous mascot!
Mother wrote about his arrival @ the time, but I will quickly reprise.
'Children in Need' now a registered charity, raises money to
'make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children & young people throughout the UK'.
This annual fund raising event, started in November 1980, but it was not until 1985, that host Terry Wogan introduced a cuddly brown called Pudsey.
He proved so popular, he returned as
'Children in Need's official mascot the following year with a re-vamped image, that of a YELLOW bear with a red spotted bandage over one eye!
Since then, he's gone of from strength to strength, sponsoring events large & small.
However, last year in time for the 28th fundraiser, Pudsey had a make over; ie a multi-coloured spotted scarf!
Mother subsequently found these guy, in their old colour scarf, donated by retailer Boots to the
Helen & Douglas House Children's Hospice charity shop in town, she snapped the twins up...Thankfully, she did not keep both of them.
One quickly went to bear friend Edwards Hug.
So, when, I arrived there was just a single Pudsey to contend with...
He's a cheaky YELLOW fellow!