Monday, 28 September 2009

Monochrome Monday - Grandmother [3/11/17 - 28/09/2005]!

Today Mother is sad and when she is sad, we in the Hug are sad too!
I did not have the pleasure of knowing Grandmother but those members that did like Barney, say she loved bears & stuffies.
This is her final photograph, she has Andy-Pandy with her who is a hand puppet bear she adopted from a Toy Bazaar and her pet pouch Tatty who went to the human bridge with her...


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Saturday Photo Hunt - Twisted!

In my bear opinion, some humans have a very twisted sense of humour...Hugs,

Thursday, 24 September 2009

True Colours Thursday - BLUE & YELLOW!

My first thought for this weeks colour combination was this pair of Art Gallery portraits of yours truly...But, then Master Bruge' had a word, saying he wanted his moment of fame.
I pointed out he had, had cameo roles on other posts and he is just BLUE...He responded by pointing out the BLUE circle with its 12 YELLOW stars, that he proudly displays on his chest...
I could not bring myself to say, that some might think them gold!
So, I graciously lost the argument.
The emblem is that of the European Community, who headquarters are in the Belguim city of Brussels.
Now, if you have ever worked out Mother's most frequently used method for the naming of bears, you may wonder why is he not called Bruge' instead of Brussels?
Well, Mother had a 'senior moment' and got her cities mixed up.
I must not laugh!
I must not laugh!
I must not laugh!
Still, the name Brussels might have reminded people of Brussel Sprouts and not everyone likes them, and I understand that Bruge' is a very pleasant medieval city.

Of Bruge' Bear, he tells that his first home was in a Hug consisting entirely of Beany and Buddy Bears, until all their lives were shattered by being cast into bags and donated to the Helen & Douglas Hospice charity.
With several outlets, his Hug was broken up and he with ended up @ their shop in the Covered Market, where he was fortunately spotted by Mother due to his bright blueness.
Bruge' now helpfully fathers our Hugs small Beanies and he has a soft spot for ticklish YELLOW Pudsey...Hugs,

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday Photo Hunt - Upside-Down!

If, Mother had paid more attention to what has been going on in our household Hug, she would have had a much more exciting photograph for her post today, than a few old wine glasses!
You see, for reasons that elude me, young John II, abandoned his Bible reading and declared he wanted to learn how to do a handstand!!!
Personally, I thought kneeling in prayer was more his sort of thing but it seems I was wrong for once!
Being an elderly bear my joints were not up to such acrobatics, so Christopher, kindly offered him instruction and a helping paw instead...John II learnt quickly and soon both of them were upside down bears...I am sure their stuffing must have rushed to their heads!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

True Colours Thursday - GOLD!

For this weeks colour all I could find, were what remained of the GOLD wrapped chocolate bears I had a while back...Yes, only three left - the Hug & I turned cannibal!!!
So, I padded off to have with a word with my golden bear girl Miss Merry, as she always has bright ideas.
I found her looking very glamorous in a GOLD & golden glass necklace and mysteriously pawing a pair of small GOLD keys...Now, I take my head of Hug duties very seriously, that means no secrets from me, I therefore, did not hesitate to enquire as to what the keys unlocked!
And, dear Merry showed me her GOLD padlocked red & GOLD purse containing her GOLD coins...I did point out that they were American, so not valid here.
But she replied, she was keeping them safe, just incase Mother went to Las Vegas again, as if she does, she Merry, plans to stow away!
Her aim, to visit the famous Golden Nugget Casino on the downtown Strip, spin the GOLD Wheel and make all our fortunes...I am not holding my breath, but it is a nice golden dream to have!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy & Autumn!

Hi, it's me Judy!
I imagine you expected to see Bailey but he keeps forgetting post.
I think Mummy needs to oil his brain as well as his wheels, but please don't tell him I said so!!!
As you can see I'm looking Autumnal...
That's because the other week I did go & visit with my bestest wheelie friend Autumn while her Folks were away in Nantucket.
I took a fancy cake, appropriately decorated for our afternoon tea...
And Autumn was a wonderful hostest, she showed me her pretty garden, so full of flowers & neat unlike the one here @ home...[Photo courtesy of Maggie & Mitch]
I really didn't want to leave.
We must get together again soon!
Foxy love & wheelie wishes,

Thursday, 10 September 2009

True Colours Thursday - MAUVE!

Today, I am going to introduce Sunday.
Here she is cosily dressed in her MAUVE cardigan clutching a box of her favourite chocolates, she does share...Now, her start in life was not so comfortable.
Mother first encountered Sunday's identical cousins & maybe even her, piled high in a cardboard box and on sale in a Sainsburys supermarket, as Mothering Sunday presents, hence the name...She was sure, they would all quickly find loving homes because they were the softest, softest bears she had ever encountered, their fur being almost as delicate as a Chinchilla's, which you apparently can barely feel when touched!
Anyway, Mothers Day 2007 came & went.
The following week, much to Mother's surprise, she came across Sunday, already abandoned & languishing in Oxfam's charity shop.
She wondered what sort of mother gave her away her gift so quickly!!!
And, scooped Sunday up and brought her home.
Hug introductions to Blue Bonnet, Chester, Ollie, Blueberry, Mitch, Barney & Little Precious followed...Sunday settled in well, but complained of the cold, so her Pink ribbon was exchanged for the MAUVE babies coat.
When Miss Polly Pola arrived, Sunday mothered her straight away.
They are still very close and read fairy tales together...So, Sunday's story has a happy ending, like my own.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fair Bears!

It seems St Giles Fair is on.
Mother went to wonder it around yesterday & again this morning.
I aked very politely if I could go with her today.
But, she shook her head and said 'No'.
And, explained the event would distress me too much.
Now, I have seen her photographs, I understand why.
Just look @ all these poor bears hanging around and offering love...
Apparently, they are prizes and waiting to be won!
Mother is no good @ any sports, let alone darts, rifle shooting or throwing @ coconuts or tins, however she did try to draw a winning numbered ticket for this fellow...
Regretably, he did not come home with her!
I just hope some of the bears find their 'forever homes', as life on the road with the Showmen must be unbearable!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

True Colours Thursday - RAINBOW!

I have to confess that this week, Mother's colour choice had me stumped.
However not to miss out on making a contribution, I decided to do another Google Image Search and feeling in rather romantic mood after hearing Aunt BJ's short story
'The Runnaway Bouquet', choose to look for a RAINBOW Rose no less!
And, this is the delightful image I came up with...
It was created by a MEGAN-Yrrbby on deviantART!

I am going to send it, via Aunt Miss Peach>(^;^)< , to my dear lady bear friend Miss Rosie as a token of my devotion.
Am I not quite the gentleman???

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bear Blog Friends are the Best!

I had not planned to post today.
But in light of an unexpected event, I had to insist Mother help me - though, I sometimes wonder if I could not do a better job @ typing with own my paws, as even after all this time she s still is mainly a two fingered typist!!!
However, I digress, this morning I found I had received this specially crafted friendship award from a new acquaintance, Charlie Bear...He lives with the impressively named, you know me I like a bit of class, Lord Duncan of Mcduff - Mack for short, a 14 year old American Eskimo dog and Sally Ann, a 2 year old Welsh Terrier.
They have kindly allowed him to start posting on their blog on Mondays, as they are very Teddy Bear friendly.
Charlie is one big fellow, even larger than my Skipper!
Here his with Sally Ann...
However, I am not @ all intimidated, as can see he has a gentle nature by the way he looks his much smaller Hug members in the awards image.
Thank-you, my fine fellow bear blogger for your paw of friendship!
I accept it and the award graciously.