Thursday, 25 June 2009

True Colours Thursday - MAROON!

I was pondering this colour, only thinking of my collar being MAROON... When, ever helpful Miss Merry, sporting for the occasion her MAROON spotted neck-chief...Pointed out, I should introduce Chester, in his MAROON snow flaked Winter's scarf, especially as she suspects, we may be distantly related, as we do share a certain facial characteristic...
Excuse me!
What do you think???
Is she right???
Do we share a heritage???
Could Chester be a cousin of sorts???
He is certainly a cosy cuddlesome Gent, if, Acrylic furred!
Grandmother procured him for Mother, Christmas...
He was her last personally selected gift to her.
And, he did hail from an establishment called 'Past Times'.
So, I will respect his pedigree - it maybe, remotely similar to mine!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

True Colours Thursday - BLACK & TAN!

I have no resident Hug member for this colour combination, unless you count a Grizzly Bear's paw...It belongs to Canadian bear, Lee.
Yes, that is what Mother eventually called him after much debate and some brilliant suggestions from friends that included Jasper, my personal favourite.
But, Mother being Mother, went her own sweet way, settling on Lee because she discovered him @ Three Valley Gap!

A brief visitor here though, was The Graduate.
He was certainly TAN & dressed in BLACK 'subfusc' attire as required to sit his finals @ University......
However, once 'graduated', he moved pronto to Edward's hug!
I have no idea why!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Monochrome Monday - The Door-Stop!

Now, I know some Bloggers disregard Teddy Bear blogs!
And, a few, even go as far, as to wonder about poor Mothers mental health re helping me post!!!
But, there is one gentleman, who graciously indulges us both, even allowing me to particpate in his weekly Monochrome Maniac's meme.
Thank-you Aileni!
I do enjoy twicking images to B&W!
This is my latest Bear related effort...
Mother photographed this fine fellow of a door-stop last Autumn, whilst holidaying in Barmouth, a Welsh town, that I know is close to Aileni's heart.
He, the bear, not Aileni - LOL - graced the entrance of the Ty'r Graig Castle Hotel, where she stayed.
I believe she is heading back to there again this September.
Something to do with WELTAF and those feisty Welsh Terriers she's so darn fond of!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

True Colours Thursday - IVORY!

Well, it is another week and more bearlings have moved in!
As Wheelie Bailey reported yesterday, the household hug continues to grow @ an alarming rate.
The youngest newcomber being Miss Anna.
She was very camera shy to start with...
But, after much coxing she finally agreed to say "Hallo"...
Her very soft fur is a a perfect shade of IVORY, do you not think?
Anna has an interesting pedigree.
She was hand-made in The Netherlands especially for Gamleys.
Mother remembers the name well, having visited some years ago, the companies original store in Hove, just down the road from Brighton.
Founded in 1919, Gamleys were one of the oldest toy-sellers in the country, but sadly they disappeared last September when the final shop was closed - tutt, tutt!
Anyway, here is Anna & I, in full view together...
Now, her pearls are a mystery, as she did not arrive with them!
I caught her emerging from Grandmothers old bedroom so decked.
But, being a gentleman, I did not like to say anything!!!
I just hope,
Edward has not sent me a kleptomaniac!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey on Bears!

"Hallo All!
When Mistress found me & brought me home, I quickly realised Bears ruled in this household.
Even the arrival of Miss snooty WFT Judy didn't balance things out, especially since she quickly sided with Sir Woodstock - here they are whispering about me I suspect...But, I've mustered on.
Even coping with the arrival of yet another teddy bear, each time Mistress returned from her travels.
BUT, I do draw the line this time!
She arrived back from WelshAire Country, with not just one bear but FOUR blighters!
I'm mortified!
It seems she visited a close patriot of Woodstocks, a certain Edward, who precedes over the land of Basically Bears.
He was having problems with a few renegade youngsters, who had out grown their welcome.
And, what does Mistress do but, offer them a home!!!!!!
I ask you!
Even, his lordship Sir Woodstock was swamped by this news...
Well, they are now ensconced here.
And, an odd selection they are too.
We have Howard - he arrived with his bath towel, wearing his toweling slippers...
He immediately went to wash his paws!!!
Mistress explained his name comes from Howard Hughes, who too had a cleanliness fetish!

Then there's Chesney!!!
He's a clown, innocent @ the moment but I fear the worst...
And, promising Christopher, he hails from Broadstairs & is named after the inventor of the Hovercraft, that's celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year.
It did trial 'fights' out of that Kent town in the early Sixties, Mistress & Grand-Mistess did one such tourist trip around the harbour there.
Worringly, he seems to think I'm a free ride...
That leaves, Miss Anna, she makes outs she's shy, but I hope to see her outed tomorrow!
Till next time, keep paw happy!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Monochrome Monday - On the Road!

Mother is @ last heading home today!
However, I do personally think these youngsters have the right idea...
Surely, it is now time, we, as in the household hug, went on holiday.
We, will though, certainly need a larger VW Camper-van than theirs.

And, I am not too sure about the surfing!

PS - Good Sport Aileni, is the gracious host of Monochrome Maniacs.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A Trunk of Teddies!

To keep the household hug & I occupied whilst she was away, Mother, very thoughtfully made us a fun Jigsaw to do...Have we not done well?
With only a few pieces left to place, we will have it completed for her return.


Thursday, 4 June 2009

True Colours Thursday - PURPLE!

For this weeks colour, I have a tale of a bear & his encounter with a beligerate mouse to relate!

This is Prince with his PURPLE 'bits & pieces' - all too glitzy / Liberace' for my personal taste but...He initially, arrived in Dreamingspires with the Showmen of St Giles Fair, two Septembers ago.
Mother apparently, found him hanging out there, on a stall as a prize!!!
She tried her luck, @ drawing a winning ticket and surprised herself greatly when she did so
Heading home, with her new friend, the day turned very wet, so, she christened him Prince, I understand there is some sort of connection with a song entitled of all things, 'PURPLE rain'!!!

Moving on, all went well for Prince till later that Autumn, when one morning Mother discovered that his left PURPLE paw been brutally savaged...
Several cushion corners had suffered a similar fate too!
The tell tale evidence left by the culprit suggested a rodent intruder!
I am most relieved, that I was not in the household @ the time, as my vintage mohair would have made a far superior, more nutritious snack for the obviously hungry little critter.
Mother never fond of vermin, was horrified and took immediate drastic action - a corpse resulted shortly there afterwards.
I suggest the squeamish look away now, even though I am only showing a small image to minimise the horror....I will add, no PURPLE vestments were worn @ Mr Mouses funeral!
But, Prince made a full recovery after minor surgery, in the form of a stitch or two to his paw.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Monochrome Monday - My Halo!

Now, never let it be said that I brag that I am saintly!
But, I rest my case...The camera never ever lies!

PS - Aileni is Monochrome Maniacs headmaster!