Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Story of Pedigree!

Good Afternoon everyone, allow me to introduce myself!
My name is Sir Woodstock, Woodstock to my friends.
I hail from the pleasant English country town of the same name, in Spireshire; and in my humble opinion from the BIG house there!
If, this Palace, was good enough for Sir Winston Churchill's birthplace, it was certainly good enough for mine...Old age & due to falling on slightly hard times a while back, means my past memories are rather vague; BUT, I can feel it in my stuffing that, I hailed from Bear-ristocracy!

I have done a little Internet research into the origins of the name of Woodstock, it is Saxon and means Woody Place.
Tradition points to Saxon times as those from which a 'royal' residence dates in the town.
King Alfred the Great, no less visited Woodstock, and Ethelred the Unready [ unready for what I ask?] held ordinance there.
However it was, Henry 1, son of William Conqueror, who built a stone wall, 7 miles in circumference around the 'royal' Park [much still remaining I can assure you].
It was where he kept 'Strange Beasts from Foreign parts'.
I am alarmed to find these included Bears!
Unfortunately, in the Medieval times, these poor fellows would have been used for baiting and fighting and forced to dance in chains.
NO - Not keen on that King, not @ all.

I think I will quickly move on to pleasanter times.
I was rescued from a high, quality Antiques Stall, by Mother in December 2008, as an early Christmas gift to herself; she having recognised my superior quality straight away.
I have settled in well, and, consider I have fallen on my paws re this new, if SMALL home of mine!
Mother is proving a good, old sort - gives me lots of cuddles.
Plus, there's a sizable hug of assorted Bears for companionship - some with considerable better breeding than other's.
I will have you know, I am the only 'Hand-Made' genuine Mohair here; even the Stieffs cousins can't match that.
There's also a few Canine Stuffies around & two Wheelie Dogs!
Little Miss Judy, a WFT, has pedigree - very FINE felting and excellent manners that girl.
She sweetly declared me an 'honorary' Wheelie this Wednesday - even, allowed me to do a 'Guest Post' on Mothers Blog instead of her.
It was that, which inspired me to start my own.
I know I have much to offer!

As you can see I have, already grown fond of this Foxy lassie -
Mawh...However, the less said about the other Wheelie, Bailey, the better; would you believe it - a Street Foundling no less!
And, as for his best buddy, Skipper, a somewhat inferior Bear, he came out of a builders skip...And please, what does he think looks like wearing shades?
I was never that fond of the 'Blues Brothers'.
Still, I can Lord it over those two with ease & once they've learnt to mind their P&Q's around me, I am sure I will be more tolerate of their serious social failings.
Never let be said, I am a Bear Snob but one must have standards.

Okay Chaps, do take care till next time.
Will have Mother work on perfecting my Blogsphere space.
Gracious Hugs to all,


BJ Roan said...

Hi Woodstock,
I'm thrilled you have your own blog! John Bear will be thrilled, too. I can't tell him right now because he is at the Toledo house. He's fixing up his new room. I can't wait to tell him. Might I add, you are much cuter than that Skipper guy. I think Ms. Judy is much better friend material.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We awesome that you have your own blog, Woodstock! Does this mean that we can't let Judy and Bailey know?! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh We won't breathe a word!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BJ Roan said...

Hi Woodstock,
It's me again, Auntie BJ. I just wanted to tell you that I tagged you with a meme and given you an award. I hope you like it.

Love ya,
Auntie BJ

Jackson said...

Hey Woodstock, welcome to the blogosphere. Don't worry, I won't tell Judy or Bailey! J x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hullo Woodstock!

I agree wiv yu- yu must hav standerds.

Yu hav to hav rools, too.
I meen, rownd heer, they ar allways brakin the rools. The Windowsill Bears ar reelly ownly allowd down off the windowsill on "T" days. Now, we all knew- we ALL knew- at the beginnin that that ment Tchewsdays and Therzdays. Rite? But they keep sneekin down. I come downstairs, an thare they ar- rite in the middol ov the sofa, blinkin, like nuthin's rong. An then they say, it meens Today an Tomorro.

THAT'S wat it will leed to, yu mark my paws.

By the way, watermarks on yor paws? Yor howsekeeper hassent been tryin to wash yu haz she? Yu hav to keep an eye on the female wuns. They're ferever tryin to baythe yu. Watch owt!