Monday, 6 July 2009

Lost or Found!

Here in the Hug, we have a serious dilemma.
On Saturday morning, Mother, walking along our home road, came across this young man, quite literally, 'hanging out' in a shrub...
We think he must have been lost by a careless child-ling!
Tutt -tutt!
Then, picked up out of harms way to await being reclaimed.
Mother, decided not to intervene there and then, as he had to be a local resident as our road is not a thoroughfare, and she felt sure his mummy would be distraught and send out a search party for him over the week-end!
However, much to our dismay, Mother has just discovered, two days & nights later he is still there looking decidedly unhappy!!!
With thunderstorms forecast for later today we are all, even more concerned for his well being - he will need an umbrella not a tartan scarf!!!
So, do we rescue him now or wait till it starts to rain???
I personally favour the former.
Will keep you posted.


BJ Roan said...

Hi Woodstock,
I suspect the child-ling has no idea where he lost the poor fellow. I think you should rescue him immediately. He is surely feeling abandoned and alone, probably scared. Especially at night!
Aunt BJ

Buttons the Bear said...

Hello Woodstock,
I agree you should rescue him right away. He does have a forlorn look. Hope he not one of those bears I read about last week on Teddy and Pencil's blog. If so he may need bearapy.

Take his picture, make a found poster, hang it where you found him. That way, he'd be out of the rain.