Monday, 30 March 2009

The Name Game!

Now, here I am recovering from pawting with Bob T Bear, esq!
And, what does Mother do???
But, tag tired me!

1. What is your name? WOODSTOCK
Seems, the following answers must all begin with W!
2. A four letter word? WELL - not really, as a little hung over!
The Ginger Beer was obviously spiked.
3. Girl name: WILMA - Mother's friend was the only one that came to mind in my delicate state!
4. Boy name: WINNIE as in Winnie the Pooh...
5. Occupation: WISE WAG
6. Color: WHITE as in Polar Bears!
7. Piece of clothing: WELLINGTONS, like Paddington wears!
9. Item in the bathroom: WATER!
10. Place/City: WOODSTOCK - where else?
11. A reason for being late: WAS WRITING my blog!!
12. Something you’d yell: WAIT for me!
13. Movie: a fish called WANDA!
It is very funny.
14. Something you drink: WHISKEY & WATER!
15. Band: the WOMBLES of Wimbledon Common! 16. Animal: WOLF, as some of my best friends are their decendants
17. Street name: WIMBLEDON High Street
18. Car: voltsWAGON
19. Song: 'WHEN You WISH Upon A Star', from Walt Disney's 'Pinocchio'!
20. Activity that includes more than one participant:
WHITE WATER rafting!

Now who to tag...
New York socialite, Miss Asta WFT
Miss Bearzil
Bob T Bear, esq

Snuggler Eduardo
Master Ludo, Lugwig Van pup
And, Princess Snowball!

Am now, going to take a well deserved nap.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Wonderful answers, Woodstock!
Whole wheat waffles? Can we have lots of butter and just a little bit of syrup, please?! yummmmmmmmmmm

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

BJ Roan said...

Well Written Woodstock!

Asta said...

I hope you get youw well desewved west now..Bob's Pawty was a wollicking good time. He suwe knows how to fwolick. Thank you fow tagging might take me a few days to do this, so pleez be patient wif me. I danced my paws off and am quite exhausted myself
smoochie kisses