Friday, 14 August 2009

Wheelie Wednesday on Friday - Bailey's Gotcha Day!

Hallo All, it's me!
And, a VERY significant day it is too.
Yes, it's a year ago that Mistress Blue came to my rescue.
She had been wanting a 'Wheelie' for ages & had even commissioned a pup, but before that stuck-up Miss WFT Judy arrived, I got my wheels in the door - Yes!
Now - as even, after a year, my 'puter skills are poor, I'm repeating my initial 'Wheelie' post for newcomers so they can appreciate the importance of to-day.

"Hallo everyone, it's Bailey here!
Well, that's my new name & I quite like it!
My adopted mistress, Blue said as I've been such a good boy - I'm lulling her into a false sense of security but please don't tell her - that I can have a word with you all.
And, in honour of the occasion I've got a silk bandanna to wear.
Don't I look smart,?
I give you my handsome side profile first...
And, front, so I can chat away more easily...
The last weeks, been one of up & downs me, I can tell you!
On my very first remembered outing into the Outside World, my 'Wheelie' brakes failed & SOMEONE let go of me & I sped away down the road, eventually coming to a bumpy halt in a yard.
I waited & waited for THEM to come & retrieve me.
But, no one came, till this lady stopped to speak to me.
Then SHE left me too!
SHE did promise to return but I wasn't sure.
This me then...
However, SHE did come back & then blow me down, if SHE left me again all on my lonesome!
I was pretty scared by that stage, especially when some big BOYs with their own two wheels came by & peered @ me.
They threated to take me for something called a 'Joy Ride' - it didn't sound too joyful for me, they way they laugh & poked me!
I played dum & was that relieved when they rode away because SHE came back.
SHE scooped me up & carried me off.
Boy, were my wheels & I relieved!
SHE said I could stay with her, til THEY came for me.
I wasn't sure I wanted THEM too by then!
THEY had deserted me after all!
In truth my memories of my past life are very hazy, I think I was so traumatised by recent events, I blanked them out - all I remember is a dark, dark space & my mis-adventure in the daylight!
Anyway, THEY didn't come for me, dispute a Advertising Campaign.
So after a while, SHE said I was staying with her & her name was Blue.
I was very relieved, that was till SHE gave me a bedbath!
The indignity of it!!!
And, worse still, whilst doing it, SHE asked me - was I girl?
A GIRL, indeed!
I was mortified.
No way, I must have has the OP - I am all boy!
With my sex firmly sorted, we had to decide on a name for me.
My makers tag, says created by Mulholland & Bailie.
Per their web-site, I'm not their latest 'Wheelie' model either.
After a brief discussion, we settled on Bailey!
I think life's going to be just fine from now on.
I'll tell you about my new companions next time.
Til then, keep paw happy.

And, a year on, life is GOOD in this Bear dominated household.
I may not get to post every Wednesday, as have to compete with Judy.
And his lordship, Sir Woodstock guards his blog space well too.
But, it sure beats kiddy abuse & a life on the streets!
I'm one content Wheelie!
Am off to ask for cake & icecream for tea for everyone, so we can celebrate my Gotcha Day in style.
Till next time keep paw happy!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We can't believe it's been a whole year since we first met you, Bailey! You've got yourself one wonderful home with Blue!
Happy gotcha day!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

BJ Roan said...

Wow! A whole year? I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday when your mother blogged about finding you. I, for one, am very happy she did. Happy 1st anniversary!
Love ya,