Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy & Peaches!

"Hi, it's me Judy...It's been a while since I've had a word, but no matter, unlike big Wheelie brother Bailey I'm not going to make an issue of it because I'm a lady!
Mummy came home with a box of juicy, ripe Nectarines yesterday.
She said, she wanted a Summer fruit fix that reminded her of better climes, as our English Summer has been a misery since June!!!
I checked out a small fruit...
It certainly smelt really delectable, so fragrant.
But, Miss Peaches quickly had her paws in the box, demanding to know why Nectarines not Peaches...
Mummy explained because, they are always not 'free stone' & so tough skinned, unlike those from sunny BC in Canada or the States!
Anyway, we both hoped she might make Peach or rather Nectarine Melba as the Bear Hug & I are still, anxiously awaiting our very first taste of this much moated thing called Ice Cream!
But, no!
It's becoming a bit of an issue here, especially since we all read on Buttons blog about his Mom actually making her own!
If only, if only, Mummy had a sweet touth rather than a savoury one!

Anyway, next week I hope to visit my bestest 'wheelie' friend Autumn.
Her folks are going away on vacation, so I plan to wheelboat across the 'Pond' to the States to have afternoon tea with her!
Tell you all about it soon.
Foxy love & wheelie wishes,


BJ Roan said...

Hi Judy,
It's good to see you finally got a word in. The nectarines look yummy. Enjoy your trip!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We hope you and Autumn take lots of photos!!

The nectarines look luscious. We have a young nectarine tree, but it has yet to produce - maybe next year.


Maggie and Mitch said...

I'm absolutely thrilled that you'll join me for tea in the garden, Judy! Maybe we can bake a peach cobbler together too! That would be fun! Know what? You'd best bring your nightie and toothbrush and stay awhile! We'll need LOTS of time together!

See you soon.
Love, Autumn

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi Judy, those nectarines look wonderful, I nearly didn't spot Miss Peaches next to them! Bear Hugs, Catherine x

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Your fruit looks so good. Could I have some? I love fruit and veggies?
Sally Ann