Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Surprise Parcel!

Am in an incredibly, good mood here!
Today, was an important landmark in my life history.
I received, my very, very first, ever parcel in the post, it was personally addressed to me, much to Mothers shock... It's contents, came as an even greater, surprise to both of us...Now, last Wheelie Wednesday, over @ Airedale friends Maggie & Mitch's, I made the acquaintance of another quality girl, Miss Autumn.
She was hosting a small competition to win one of her Mum's cleverly knitted 'miniature' socks - here she is modelling them...You had to answer two simple questions:-
1. What is Mitch's most favourite fruit?
2. What is Maggie's most disliked?
Now, I quickly conferred with Mother, who considers these two, amongst her closest & dearest old blog friends.
She showed me these snaps...I quickly, drew my own conclusions & entered via a Comment!
And, Low & Behold, I won!
There was great excitement here, as Mother, has never been that lucky, personally.

Getting back to my parcel - we, did think, it looked rather on the large size for just a sock!
However, neither of us were prepared for its contents
We are both delighted - tickled blue!
Meet Merry & her Christmas Tree designer sock... Dear Miss Autumn wrote on the accompanying card:-
"Hi Woodstock!
This little guy knocked on our front door and TOLD us he was lost.
We checked him over and DISCOVERED he was English.
We knew he'd find a GOOD home with you
Congrats on guessing that Mitch LOVES Apples.
And, Maggie HATES Lemons
Your friends,
Autumn, Maggie & Mitch"
I am quite overcome, can hardly say how much I appreciate this.
Merry, will be my closest Hug companion from now on... Many, many Thank-You's and extra hugs to her givers!

Mother has done some research, as she was curious about newcomer Merry's heritage.
Merry, according to her label is a Merrythought Bear from Ironbridge, Shropshire, UK.
She will have therefore been hand made,
just like myself.
And, is also fully jointed & a collectible Mohair bear too.

Like me, she is un-datable @ mo but almost sure to be a limited edition.
Mother & I just wonder, what journey took her to North America & how she got lost there - the moths, on her travels have nibbled one of her paws!
Thank heavens, she was found by Autumn, Maggie & Mitch's Mum, and sent home to safety!


BJ Roan said...

Hi Sir,
I'm glad you have taken a liking to Merry. She looks like a really nice bear.
Aunt BJ

Maggie and Mitch said...

YIPPEEEEEEE, Merry made it and she looks so happy in your arms, Woodstock! We know she has the best home right where she is! Thank you so much for welcoming her with open paws!

Love ya lots,
Maggie, Mitch and Autumn

Dina ... UK said...

My goodness Woodstock how lucky you are.... :-)
Merry looks cute...

Eduardo said...

Merry is a lucky bear to have you as a companion! Congrats on winning the contest!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Asta said...

and what a wondewful suwpwise to have Mewwy find hew way back to Gweat /bwitain..what a scawy , long adventoowe she must have had..she is bootiful, and looks vewy fwiendly..I'm suwe you two will have a wondewful time togethew.
Maggie and Mitch and Autumn awe the best
smoochie kisses