Saturday, 14 February 2009

Saint Valentine's Day!

Being a traditional type of bear, I do not go for brash modern, Valentines Greetings Cards; I much prefer the old fashioned romantic ones.
Grandmother, it seems favoured them too, as Mother recently found this one...And, just read the sentiment expressed inside...Now, unfortunately for me, it is too late, to send it by snail mail.
So, using this new fangled technology, I am 'posting' it here - think I have got the lingo correct - for a certain Miss Rosie Bear, who resides with 'Aunt' Miss Peach>(^;^)<.
She is quite a genteel, retiring lady, and we have yet to be formally introduced, but when Mother was not looking, I could not resist from stealing a peak at her photograph.
It was love @ first glance...Am hiding my blushes here!
It would be wonderful if she felt the same way, when we eventually meet in bearson.
Yes, quickly moving on - I also, want to wish all my new found friends a Happy Valentine's Day!
Love and hugs,

Still my beating heart!
Please do look what I have just recieved, from my dear Miss Rosie...
She even graciouasly, agreed to pose with the card before 'virtual' dispatch...Am quite overcome with emotion!


the ted crew said...

happy valentines day.

i hope you will 'bear' with us until we can get our new blog up and running.

i have two old geezers on board with loose stuffing so it is a big task.

once i have cleaned 'em up, i will get them blogging along with the best of us.

as for who we are "i couldn't possibly say"

hope your valentines day is good.

the ted crew

MISS ROSIE said...

Oh what a delightful Valentines card you have 'posted' for me dear Sir Woodstock. My heart is all a flutter now reading these vintage verses. I fear I do not quite know how to find the right words...I am honored to accept your Valentine and hope you will accept mine that I sent to your mother in hopes she might slip it under your tea cup this morning....
I look forward to the day when we can take tea together....soon...
Miss Rosie

The Dutchess said...

Oh,how very sweet and romantic..Have a wonderful day with lots of bear Hugs..Let me give you one..:)with love from you friend Miss Moussie.

The Ted Crew said...

well hello again, wow, miss rosie is some gal! much nicer than gwendoline who to be honest is a bit rough and too much grin, too many teeth and a nifty hand with the handbagging, as my sore head can testify today.

just wanted to say your sirness, if you check on my blog i have put some incriminating photos on of me, and stupid grinning gwendoline, in a compromising position.

sadly fred with the nose got in the way, however, gwendoline handbagged him in true maggie fashion.

i hope you like my photos, they may cheer you up on valentines day when you cannot be with your dear rosie.

btw i have not received one bloomin card yet, i am sure it is fred's fault. his nose is revolting and puts all the nice gals off.

easy jet bear signing off


i hope you can stand the heat when you see my new photos!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Miss Rosie is very beautiful, Woodstock! We can see why you are so taken with her!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BJ Roan said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweet Sir. I'm happy you have found such a nice bear as Miss Rosie. Aunt BJ

DILLY said...


Dilly an Chuck selbrayte Velentine's Day. Com see fotoes wen can!!

MS Peach send Mummy luvly Velentine card.
Mummy be pleezd wiv card very much!!!
Hav Ms Peach foto on!!!


Asta said...

Siw Woodstock
I can see why Miss Rosie Beaw stole youw heawt..sheis bootiful and has the sweetest expwession..I can tell she's a peach
smoochie kisses