Thursday, 7 January 2010

True Colours Thursday - SNOW WHITE!

Now, you may recall that in the Autumn I took Master Buttons advise and insisted grumpy Skipper, as befitting his SNOW WHITE Polar Bear heritage, hibernate for a few months in hope of improving his temperament.
With Wheelie Bailey, his best Buddys help, we managed to shove - err, Sorry - stow him away under the stairs, with the promise to wake him in time for the Holiday Festivities...Personally, I would have preferred him to sleep on and on and on
And the recent Winter weather suggests he should have!
But, a Bear's Word is his Bond, so we woke him up on Christmas Eve!

His first thought, was not 'Thank-you 'as I had bear hoped, but a very private word with Bailey...It seemed Skipper refreshed, had decided to abandon his dark, somewhat menacing 'Blues Brother' shades , however, as he is short sighted he desperately needed new glasses!
Fortunately Mother was @ hand with a few spare pairs for him to try...He finally settled on one and agreeably donned his Christmas pawty hat too...Maybe, he is a 'new' SNOW WHITE bear after all - only paw time will tell!


BJ Roan said...

Hopefully Skipper will be a bit nicer now that he can see. ;)

Buttons the Bear said...

Yo Skipper,
Snowbeary here, sneaking in with Buttons log on. I recently awoke from hy-bear-nation too. I feel well rested. Now, dance like there's no tomorrow. Around here they blame my dancing for the snow. Hee hee, it's snowing like crazy today!

P.S. I like your glasses.
P.S.S. Buttons says "Hi!"

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Perhaps he was grumpy because he couldn't see well.
Sally Ann