Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Bailey on Bears!

"Hallo All!
When Mistress found me & brought me home, I quickly realised Bears ruled in this household.
Even the arrival of Miss snooty WFT Judy didn't balance things out, especially since she quickly sided with Sir Woodstock - here they are whispering about me I suspect...But, I've mustered on.
Even coping with the arrival of yet another teddy bear, each time Mistress returned from her travels.
BUT, I do draw the line this time!
She arrived back from WelshAire Country, with not just one bear but FOUR blighters!
I'm mortified!
It seems she visited a close patriot of Woodstocks, a certain Edward, who precedes over the land of Basically Bears.
He was having problems with a few renegade youngsters, who had out grown their welcome.
And, what does Mistress do but, offer them a home!!!!!!
I ask you!
Even, his lordship Sir Woodstock was swamped by this news...
Well, they are now ensconced here.
And, an odd selection they are too.
We have Howard - he arrived with his bath towel, wearing his toweling slippers...
He immediately went to wash his paws!!!
Mistress explained his name comes from Howard Hughes, who too had a cleanliness fetish!

Then there's Chesney!!!
He's a clown, innocent @ the moment but I fear the worst...
And, promising Christopher, he hails from Broadstairs & is named after the inventor of the Hovercraft, that's celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year.
It did trial 'fights' out of that Kent town in the early Sixties, Mistress & Grand-Mistess did one such tourist trip around the harbour there.
Worringly, he seems to think I'm a free ride...
That leaves, Miss Anna, she makes outs she's shy, but I hope to see her outed tomorrow!
Till next time, keep paw happy!


BJ Roan said...

Poor Bailey, but they do look like such nice bears!

Asta said...

You twooly awe outnumbewed..but take heawt..thwee's many of us wheeleys out thewe..Gilbewt and I have finally wetuwned home fwom ouw honeymoon wif some big news..will post next week.
love and wheeley soochies