Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Teddy Bear Fun!

While Mothers gallivanting Merry & I did this fun Quiz.

1) Which famous bear kept marmalade sandwiches under his hat?
A: Rupert
B: Paddington
C: Pooh

2) In what year did the teddy bear get its name?
A: 1802
B: 1920
C: 1902

3) Who was one of Rupert the Bear's best friends?
A: Bill Badger
B: Sandra Snail
C: Terry Turtle

4) What type of bear is a Koala?
A: Brown bear
B: Grey bear
C: Koalas aren't bears!

5) What's one way of telling if a bear is made by the famous Steiff makers?
A: It has a button in its ear
B: It has a metal skeleton

C: It speaks German

6) Which Bear does not live in North America?
A: Polar Bear
B: Grizzly Bear
C: Spectacled Bear

7) Which character in the TV series M*A*S*H had a teddy bear?
A: Radar
B: Hawkeye
C: Trapper

8) Who had a hit song called "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear"?
A: Cliff Richard
B: Elvis Presley
C: Buddy Holly

Being knowledgeably bears, between us, we achieved an impressive 8 out of 8.
Now, what about you???
We have posted the ANSWERS in Comments.


Sir Woodstock said...

Answers to the Bear Quiz are:-
1) B
2) C
3) A
4) C
5) A
6) C
7) A
8) B

BJ Roan said...

Not being nearly as bear savvy as you, I only got 5 answers correct. I am impressed with your knowledge!
Aunt BJ

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh! I got the wun abowt MASH rong!